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This is a simple, minimalist garden designed primarily to be viewed from the house, as an all year round focal point. The finished look is one of pure line with few design elements. The atmosphere is one of pure tranquillity during the day; the reflection of sky in the water and very little to distract the eye.

At the lower level, a canal runs across the garden. The main steps are accessed by stepping stones across the water. The upper level features two rills. The site sloped upwards and then down allowing for a lower (static) canal and two upper rills with flowing water, which were designed as infinity pools, capturing the early evening sunlight.

The main material used was a pale cream limestone detailed with a dark slate-grey. The only plant material is six ball-shaped box trees, providing a simple, sculptural look to this otherwise angular scheme.


LED and underwater lighting transform the atmosphere of this contemporary scheme as night falls.

Part of a larger scheme, the client wanted an ultra-simple, minimalist water feature on two levels. The lighting scheme creates a magical pathway fading into the distance, and always there is the gentle sound of running water.

The paving features LED flush lighting to highlight the edge of the scheme and the steps and all three bodies of water are floodlit discreetly below the water surface.

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The same scheme is here viewed from the other end, showing the two rills dramatically falling into the lower pool.

The sound of the water is quite loud from this side of the mound, but from the house side the sound is distant and soothing.

The water is recycled from the lower pool and is carried to the far end of the rill via underground pipe work. This is also a filtration system which keeps the water clean all year round.

View the under construction image above.


These three rendered walls, complete with stainless steel waterblades make a strong statement in this urban back garden. The original brick garage wall to the rear was painted, but the texture was retained, giving a contrast to the smooth green walls. There are a series of floodlights behind the walls, and each of the waterblade is uplit from the water. The double ‘avenues’ of standard (topiarised) photinia create a sense of symmetry when veiwed form the house.

Other planting includes pennisetum alopecuroides and verbena bonariensis.

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This scheme involves the basic elements of stone, water, timber and plant material with an almost Zen like simplicity.

The large pond (now stocked with koi) has a waterfall cascading down boulders at one side allowing the water to be aerated after passing through a large filtration system. The large slabs of natural stone underpin the Japanese look and weigh up to one ton each (being up to 30 cm thick).

The plants (having just been planted) are mainly grasses and other understated foliage plants. They include both golden and black bamboos, two types of pennisetum, carex hachijoensis ‘evergold’ and stipa ‘Gigantea’.

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This sleek waterfeature is a bespoke item, designed and built by ourselves. The curved glass screened (20mm thick) is over 2m high and receives a steady stream of water. The glass screen is held in place with an ingenious custom designed stainless steel clamp (out of view) via a stainless steel waterblade. The feature emits a soothing ’hum’ as the water hugs the surface of the glass.

Because the client’s have two young children, this feature had to be child friendly and is 100% safe, having a sturdy metal grid over which the pebbles are laid.

The glass is subtly lit from below creating a luminescent glow, as soothing in itself as the sound of the water.


These clients had a large very flat garden. We decided to put in a very large naturalistic pond with a pebble edge and used grasses and foliage plants to soften the edge. The main feature within the garden became the timber walkway (constructed from timber sleepers) which formed a perfect serpentine’s’ shape as it meandered through he garden, linking the house and summerhouse.


This client wanted a water feature to act as a focal point, but also to provide pleasant water sounds throughout the garden. Many water features were considered, but it was this free standing, stainless steel, wave-shaped water feature that captured the look and sound they were after.

In this image you can also see the rendered walls, which provide the backdrop for the water feature and plantings. The red walls have been broken up using panels of limestone veneer, as well as the modern use of hardwood, horizontal, slatted panels to hide the original rather plain rough sawn fencing panels and concrete posts.


Viewed from inside the house you can see this simple, powerful, contemporary water feature.
The glass wall opens completely so that there are no barriers between the house and the deck, which is ideal for entertaining in the garden. And the sounds from the waterfall can be enjoyed throughout the garden and the house.

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