The Philosophy

David firmly believes that every garden (no matter how small) can ‘uplift the spirit and nurture the soul’. Primarily, David likes to relax, entertain (and play) outside and seeks to create this in every garden he designs and builds. The greatest successes have been gardens using natural materials: wood, water, steel, stone, plants…and wherever possible local materials.

Plants are always a great ‘harmoniser’ and it is the use of plants that make a place special, giving it the ‘human touch’. He always seeks to forge connections between spaces and people (between garden and the client), working always to capture the ‘spirit of the place’. Every design is unique and bespoke; he enjoys working closely with every client to achieve their ‘fantasy’ garden.

David’s style as pared-down, modern and open to innovation. He likes natural materials, but is also very open to using new materials and finishes, where appropriate. An important part of David’s garden design philosophy is to be open to change and to embrace the fact that styles evolve.

If there is one thing that David Andersen is a stickler for – that is good lighting. Bad lighting ruins gardens. You need to have controlled lighting, both atmospheric and dramatic.

David Andersen BA (Hons) Landscape Design