Woodland Garden on the Wirral

One of our current garden building projects is this large back garden near Willaston on the Wirral. The back of the garden is shaded by beautiful old oak trees. And we created this new timber sleeper walkway which links the house to the far reaches of the garden.

Planting a woodland garden on the Wirral

We are just in the process of planting some shade loving woodland plants under the biggest oak tree. Here we have chosen Helleborus and primulas and primrose to name a few.

We have used a timber sleeper walkway in many schemes in the past and it adds a lot of style and symmetry with a double curved shape. The walkway makes a nice alternative to paving and works well in a woodland setting.

In this area we are going to add in some rhododendrons, azaleas and some Acer ‘Bloodgood’.
We have picked plants that do well in this semi-shaded environment. The soil is moist, but well drained and the pH is slightly acidic due to the oak leaves, which the rhododendrons and azaleas will appreciate.