Lighting scheme for the garden

Will garden lighting make a big difference to my garden?

One of the key features to any design is lighting. Including modern garden lighting in your garden will complement and enhance the design as well as to offer an extended amount of time available to spend in you loved outdoor surrounds. So will lighting make a big difference to your garden? Absolutely, yes. Here are a few reasons why we think garden lighting will improve your garden space.

What would you want garden lighting for?

There are a number of reasons for including garden lighting into the overall design of your garden. Garden lighting can look spectacular twinkling in the flower beds and uplighting the trees. It can add another element to your outdoor space and offer something rather magical to look at in the night.

Another reason for installing garden lighting is really to increase the illusion of space. If you have a small space, a few lights can make a big difference. Simple patio lights can be installed in the small space for example, and really add to the ambiance of the area.

Time is obviously what we are all chasing. More time outdoors. And garden lighting is a fantastic way to extend the time you spend in your garden. Without patio or deck lighting, some candles or some solar lights, your summer barbecue might end a lot sooner than you’d like.

An Altrincham garden at night

What type of lighting should I use?

We love stainless steel, spike, spot uplighters. These simple, contemporary fittings add a dramatic burst of light that can be used to illuminate architectural plants, topiary or trees in a way that makes them look even more beautiful in the evening than they do during the day.

Knowing where to place your lights and how many to include is a bit of an art. For inspiration you can check out the lighting section of our portfolio.