Courtyard design on Georgian house

Transformation of a Georgian Courtyard Garden in Liverpool

When you have a magnificent Georgian house, you want a garden that can keep up. This courtyard garden in Liverpool had great potential that was not being utilised.

Before image of a Georgian courtyard garden in Liverpool

Liverpool courtyard garden

In this before image above you can see the Yorkstone paving and a small lawn area. The clients wanted a more interesting outdoor space that would provide beauty, privacy and enjoyment for the whole family.

Our design broke the garden space into two outdoor rooms, with a lounging area on a large deck and a table and chairs for eating on a Yorkstone paved area, divided by four mature Acers. The clients chose to go with two different varieties of Acer, Acer bloodgood and Acer sangokaku to add more colour and make a bold statement.

After images – the garden design transformation is (almost) complete

Liverpool courtyard

The clients’ teen-aged sons plan to set up a projector and use the white garden wall to watch football in their new outdoor living room!

The deck is made of sapele, a beautiful reddish-brown sustainable hardwood. In the middle of the deck there is a Yorkstone square where a fire pit will be added.

Next to the deck you can see the lovely white flowers of Choisya ternata, which bring their wonderful fragrance to the garden.

There are also plans to create a modern water feature near the eating area, so the pleasing sounds of water can be heard throughout the courtyard garden.

The Acers in their four large pots create a dramatic view from the house and invite the family to come outside and enjoy!