Spring garden


Spring is for many the most wonderful time of year. It represents new life for a number of spiritual and cultural reasons – but similarly in the natural world it symobilises fresh growth. With this in mind it’s the perfect time to get started in the garden after the colder winter months, introduce some fresh colours and textures and get your garden ready for summer.

Spring colour planting inspiration

Naturally bulbs are often the go-to for those wishing to introduce fragrant bursts of colour to their outdoor space in Spring. But increasingly unpredictable weather conditions can make planting bulbs successfully (and forecasting their blooms) trickier. There are similarly colourful alternatives to bulbs however if you find your efforts thwarted by the weather or didn’t plant them in time – these include shade- loving ‘Spring Beauty’ (Claytonia Virginiana), the elegant Dwarf-crested Iris (Iris Cristata) and early-flowering Camellia.

Out with the old…

Spring is a good time to tend to existing plants and shrubs, ensuring that they are prepped and ready to flower in warmer months. It’s also advisable to dispose of anything which is dead or in bad condition, neatening up shrubs which have overgrown or lost shape. If you have a lawn as a feature or focal point in your garden, it’s best to eliminate moss and feed the turf to guarantee lush, green grass for months to come.

Getting ready for summer

Spring is also a good time to plant and prep for the upcoming summer season. How you prepare depends on your garden design and your objectives. For those with low- maintenance schemes incorporating decking, stone or gravel, simple cleaning is often required to erase moss and grime which may have built up over winter. Anyone wishing to actively grow for the summer months can choose from a range of flowering plants and shrubs which will put on an excellent display when the sun begins to shine. These include vibrant Dahlias (producing colourful bursts with petals formed into delicate pom-poms), Purple Coneflower Echinacea purpurea (tall bobbing stalks topped with large rosy-pink daisies with spiked petals), and Penstemon P. gloxinioides (featuring soft lilac trumpet-shaped blooms with pointed green foliage).

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