image of 3D garden sketch

Do I really need a garden designer?

If a job is worth doing, then sometimes it’s worth doing ourselves, but not always. It can pay to get a professional in to ensure you don’t make a royal mess and regret it for a long time to come. Those with some artistic flair and a set of green fingers, not to mention some DIY prowess, could get on just fine without a designer. But the rest of us may appreciate gaining from the expertise of others. And that’s where a professional garden designer comes in.

Different Perspectives

If you’ve never designed a garden before then it’s hard to know where to start. It doesn’t really matter how big the garden is. We often get asked whether it pays to work with a garden designer when a client only has a small budget or a small garden. Of course, the answer is that every job is different and every person is different.

Small but Beautiful

A small space is so restrictive that it can often be the most difficult of gardens to imagine. And if you want to ensure that every inch of that space is utilised to the fullest, it will pay in the long run to bring a designer in.

Design Inspiration

Budgets and spaces aren’t really a barrier to bringing in a designer. It may sound very extravagant, but you can pick and choose what you need to take from an expert.

You may only need a consultation or require some assistance with picking a key design feature to work around. If you know you need to do something about your garden, but have no idea where to start, then you should definitely be thinking about getting some expert help.

Save Your Money

Of course, if your ambition is for something simple like a bit of paving and a square lawn, plus the garden shed, then what could you possibly need us for? Save your money.

Keeping Costs Down

Those people who will benefit from bringing a garden designer in will be those of you who want the garden to look as good as the house. We’ll offer a lot more than a plan for the garden. Our team can build the new garden or help find people who can do the job at the best prices and help with sourcing materials. You’ll also get a maintenance schedule, which is handy if you are unsure about how to maintain your outdoor space.

An initial consultation is free, so give us a call or send us an email and we’d be happy to help.