Cheshire garden and house

The Power of CAD

As a garden designer, when you have a vision for transforming a garden you want to make sure your client shares your vision. And that is where a talented CAD technician comes in…

Cheshire 3D garden design

At the top of this post you can see the before image of garden we have just started building in Cheshire and above you can see the 3D design (created by the amazing Matt). The 3D sketch shows the beautiful plantings, raised beds and the water feature and how they relate proportionately to the house.

As you can see from the before image and the 3D sketch, we purposed quite a dramatic change in this scheme and the 3D sketch was the key to inspiring the client and giving them a vision of how their new outdoor space could look.

Garden design master plan

With each new garden design we start with a 2D sketch in plan form (shown above) – all of the areas are well defined showing the different seating areas, water feature, deck, etc. Once the client has agreed to all of the major aspects of the plan we move on to the 3D sketch. The 3D sketch brings the scheme to life and gives the full dramatic effect of what we are aiming to create. This allows us to make further refinements with the client to make sure the built garden surpasses their expectations.