Contemporary Family Garden, Liverpool 1

Contemporary Family Garden, Liverpool

This garden space was to be used primarily for family meals and gatherings, yet in a stylish setting. The garden was originally a tired piece of old lawn (see before image) and the big challenge? There was no access to either side of the house of materials in and out! We got around this problem with putting sheets down in the house everyday…and by have incredibly patient client’s! The rendered walls give a light, meditteranean feel to the garden and the soft red of the walling sets off the pale colour of the walls. The shed (OK let’s call it a summerhouse) had to stay for a variety of reasons, but was painted a modern dark grey colour to help…


Minimalist Garden, Lancashire 1

Minimalist Garden, Lancashire

The motto of these client’s was definatly “Less is More”! The topography of the existing garden was challenging in that there was a steep grassy bank at the back which had to be retained. It was decided to create a long still canal on the lower level and two symmetrical rills through which water flowed and cascaded over the stainless steel waterblades at the back of the garden. The lower canal created a barrier between the large limestone terrace and the rest of the garden….except for the charcoal grey stepping stones connecting to the steps. The only new planting in the garden were the 6 large split box balls (buxos sempervirens). The other two images show the incredible tranquility at…


Elemental Garden, Liverpool 1

Elemental Garden, Liverpool

This quite large garden space was originally just a large fat lawn area…it was a blank canvas crying out for a major makeover! The clients were very keen on the idea of a large, informal,wildlife pond….and we added in this timber sleeper walkway which forms a perfect serpentine ’S’ shape as it winds it’s way through the garden linking house with summerhouse. The concept was to be as sustainable as possible and we managed to use almost no concrete in this construction. Just basic, natural materials : stone, wood, water, plants. The large stone slabs are boulder offcuts and create a definite ‘Zen’ effect and are used here to create a simple seating area. The banks of the pond have…


Contemporary Garden - Bowden, Cheshire 1

Contemporary Garden – Bowden, Cheshire

This large family garden needed a fresh new look, whilst at the same time retaining the large lawn area as family play area. The original slight slope on the garden was modified to give more of a terraced effect with upper lawn level and the lower area being a large slate terrace for eating out. The large slate stepping stones run across the lawn linking the house to the ‘sun’ deck and the three soft red walls with their large ceramic pots create a stylish focal point. The garden was, to the large part, symmetrical the raised bed at the back has 6 large topiarised standard trees (lancer nitida)giving a sense of balance and underplanted with french lavender, and blue…


Contemporary Courtyard Garden Lancashire 1

Contemporary Courtyard Garden Lancashire

This smallish, contained, courtyard garden was part of a bigger country garden estate, it had been divided into apartments,and these clients were lucky enough to get their own private courtyard space. The before image shows the original sett paving and the clients wanted something more contemporary, whilst at the same time conserving the original Georgian masonry work (both stone and brick). The new scheme was bold, simple and quite contemporary, with rendered walls built just a small distance away from the brickwork to allow,for some dramatic backlighting. The stunning 2m high stainless steel water feature was a bespoke feature and was offset by the off white rendered wall behind. It was amazing how immediately ‘at home’ the new scheme looked,…