Minimalist Garden, Lancashire

The motto of these client’s was definatly “Less is More”! The topography of the existing garden was challenging in that there was a steep grassy bank at the back which had to be retained. It was decided to create a long still canal on the lower level and two symmetrical rills through which water flowed and cascaded over the stainless steel waterblades at the back of the garden.

The lower canal created a barrier between the large limestone terrace and the rest of the garden….except for the charcoal grey stepping stones connecting to the steps.

The only new planting in the garden were the 6 large split box balls (buxos sempervirens).

The other two images show the incredible tranquility at night, with reflections of the sky and also discreet lighting within the water helps create a serene and calming effect. Definitely a relaxing garden!