Mediterranean Garden Chester

This sunny south facing garden is in fact quite a small courtyard. It was decided not to have lawn since there was not enough space. So a series of seating areas, broken up with planting was decided upon. Because the garden was warm an olive tree became the obvious choice and a shade sail had to be employed to create some shade foe family meals on the deck.

The original space was very flat and it we decided to add the various raised beds to give some interest. The planting is very contemporary, predominantly large drifts of grasses and bamboos.

This view of the garden is all about texture. The slightly rough look of the Cream coloured Travertine contrasts with both the hardwood deck ( yellow Blau) and the large square drift of beach pebbles around the olive tree.

The hard landscaping is beautifully set off by the different plant textures : low drifts of grasses like pennisetum and carex and the taller more”busy” texture of the bamboos ( phylostachys aurea).

The third picture is the same scheme viewed from the lounge.

The stainless steel water feature creates just the right amount of sound as the water cascades into the raised pond. The feature colour wall adds a quirky touch to the far end of the garden, where bamboos and small carex grasses help give an exotic touch to this stylish scheme.

Other plants include fatsia japonica and a sumach tree ( rhus typhina).