Elemental Garden, Liverpool

This quite large garden space was originally just a large fat lawn area…it was a blank canvas crying out for a major makeover!

The clients were very keen on the idea of a large, informal,wildlife pond….and we added in this timber sleeper walkway which forms a perfect serpentine ’S’ shape as it winds it’s way through the garden linking house with summerhouse.

The concept was to be as sustainable as possible and we managed to use almost no concrete in this construction. Just basic, natural materials : stone, wood, water, plants.

The large stone slabs are boulder offcuts and create a definite ‘Zen’ effect and are used here to create a simple seating area. The banks of the pond have a gently sloping profile dressed with washed sea cobbles and create a n exit and entry point for any wildlife, as well as an opportunity for birds to bathe!

The planting around the pond are mainly those plants which relate well to water: gunners,rheum,rodgersia, zantedeschia, and the beautiful soft red of schitzostylis coccinea.

The third image shows how the garden has matured over a period of 8 years, showing large drifts of euphorbias, aconitum, and several strategically placed Japanese Maples.