Contemporary Garden – Bowden, Cheshire

This large family garden needed a fresh new look, whilst at the same time retaining the large lawn area as family play area. The original slight slope on the garden was modified to give more of a terraced effect with upper lawn level and the lower area being a large slate terrace for eating out.

The large slate stepping stones run across the lawn linking the house to the ‘sun’ deck and the three soft red walls with their large ceramic pots create a stylish focal point.
The garden was, to the large part, symmetrical the raised bed at the back has 6 large topiarised standard trees (lancer nitida)giving a sense of balance and underplanted with french lavender, and blue flowering liriopes.

The use of a feature colour (here, the soft red) is a departure from the usual off white rendered walls, and creates a welcome feeling of warmth within this fairly formal garden.
The large water feature (technically a ‘canal’) cuts off the main part of the garden from the house creating the feeling of a sleek contemporary moat. The water within the feature gives a stunning strong effect, particularly as the shiny black pebbles along the bottom are lit at night to give added interest. The water, although effectively still, is ingeniously filtered by underwater pumps, that do not disturb the apparent stillness of the water’s surface.