Contemporary Courtyard Garden Lancashire

This smallish, contained, courtyard garden was part of a bigger country garden estate, it had been divided into apartments,and these clients were lucky enough to get their own private courtyard space. The before image shows the original sett paving and the clients wanted something more contemporary, whilst at the same time conserving the original Georgian masonry work (both stone and brick).

The new scheme was bold, simple and quite contemporary, with rendered walls built just a small distance away from the brickwork to allow,for some dramatic backlighting. The stunning 2m high stainless steel water feature was a bespoke feature and was offset by the off white rendered wall behind. It was amazing how immediately ‘at home’ the new scheme looked, underlying the principle that old and new styles can work well,mid there is enough contrast going on.

All the planting was contemporary and architectural, relying on palms (trachycarpus fortunei) and groups,of euphorbias and skimmias, to create the required effect. It was mainly grouped in the raised planters with pale pebbles arranged over a weed suppressant geotextile to keep maintainable to a minimum.

The second image shows the garden before, the wonderful Georgian archways and brickwork had to be retained at all costs.

The third image is the planting detail which shows how simple and minimalistic the planting was. Here small groupings of skimmia japonica and euphorbia contrast with the larger exotic leaves of the fatsia japonica.