Wraysbury – We were proud last year to be asked to design and build a landscape on a large-scale at the famous Wraysbury lakes near Heathrow Airport.The Wraysbury Nature Reserve is a large (over 140 acres) of semi-wild landscape with SSSI status (Site of special scientific interest). History – It developed in the last 100 years primarily as it was used to quarry aggregates (for the Heathrow runways and other projects). As the sand and gravel was removed, the remaining pits were left to fill with water, attracting new plant life and, in turn, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. By the time of the second World War, this process was already forming the lake at W1-Wraysbury Nature Reserve,…


Two London Gardens

These two gardens in Putney are next door to each other. While the first garden was in the design stage their neighbour asked us to design and build them a new garden too. Normally their only access would be through their house, the remodeling of the first garden gave them the opportunity to use its gated access to construct their garden at same time. Reducing disruption for them considerably. The gardens are quite different in layout; one fairly traditional following a circular theme, the other more contemporary and rectilinear. The circular one has two concentric circles, the inner one featuring herbs, the outer regular shrubs. It also featured two beautiful medium sized olive trees, which gave the garden instant maturity.…


Country Estate, Cheshire 1

Country Estate, Cheshire

Just to show not all our projects are contemporary! This was a country estate near Tarporely in Cheshire and was a total of six acres in all and all had to landscaped. The main area was on a gently sloping, south-facing site, with beautiful views over the adjacent golf course. The grade 2 listed Georgian house and garden were both in need of complete renovation, and most of the crumbling brick walls were taken down and rebuilt. During the initial excavation process we were intrigued to find a huge underground pit with brick lined walls…the local conservation officer was called in and informed us that it was a rare ice-pit used in Georgian times to store game and other meats…


Contemporary Garden, Manchester 1

Contemporary Garden, Manchester

The challenge with this Manchester garden, were the levels. The before and after photograph shows how dramatic this was! This couple with a young family needed to link the house and upper terrace to the large garden (with lawn and kid’s play area) in a stylish way. The scheme had to be contemporary using decking, rendered walls and sleek natural sandstone paving. The idea of a circular desk evolved fairly quickly in the design process. The clients had seen one of our earlier ones and this dictated the use of a curved, almost Art Deco, rendered wall . The deck extended through four steps, still respecting the tapered look of the deck itself. Each of the 250 pieces of yellow…


A Pennine Garden 1

A Pennine Garden

Sitting high in the Pennine hills this garden has stunning views of the Village church and views beyond. The scheme is centered around a large circular dining area, which was designed as the focal point within the scheme. Whilst not strictly contemporary, it has a strong sense of geometry with the curved lines of the deck meeting the straight lines of the wall. Traditional, local stone has been used with reclaimed Yorkstone flags contrasting well with the smooth hardwood decking. Low box hedging has been used to accentuate the main shapes, and the upper lawn area provides for a perfect kid’s picnic area. The mature tree and dramatic views over the valley make for a stunning garden experience.