modern front garden

Modern Front Garden: Manchester

I always feel it is best to keep front gardens simple, stylish and architectural. They don’t have to be boring, but they must be simple and welcoming.

This front garden in Manchester has been completely transformed.  It have been given a modern facelift. The driveway is now made up of a pattern of dark grey and pale grey Marshall’s Argent paving.

The large topiary lining the drive are Portuguese laurel (Prunus lusitanica).  They stand about 2.5m high. They were not cheap, but they make a strong rhythmic statement and look particularly beautiful when lit at night.

The box hedging has just been planted – it provides a nice neat emphasis to the edge of the drive.

Along the property line you can see the Venetian style fencing from Jackson’s that gives a new contemporary backdrop to this garden scheme.

Contemporary planting in Manchester garden design

The image above shows the back garden were we have continued many of the elements from the front garden including the Portuguese laurel topiary, box balls in large grey planters and the Venetian style fencing has been used throughout.