garden near Tarporley Cheshire

Landscaping a Country Estate in Cheshire

A few years ago we were contacted by the owner of a beautiful Georgian house that was being rebuilt near Tarporley in Cheshire. The six acres of derelict farmland on which it stood needed landscaping. The gardens had been sadly neglected and very few of the elements of the garden could be retained.

In the image below on the top left you can see the house and gardens before we started work. Acres of rough field grass and a few fruit trees were all that remained. There was an unsafe brick wall with an arch way that had to be dismantled and rebuilt.

Garden design for a Cheshire country estate

A level lawn area was planned, together with a large naturalistic water feature on two levels, an elegant driveway and large herbaceous borders at the back. We were given very free reign in order to create lots of interesting planting both in terms of background, sculptural shrubs and extra under planting for colour throughout the seasons. The beds themselves were positioned to create focal points to tease the vision and create interest and atmosphere.

The large flowering shrubs create a framework, with dramatic drifts of herbaceous perennials creating a showy effect in summer.

Cottage garden and lake in Cheshire

The images above show the garden landscaping scheme in Tarporley two years after completion. You can see that most of the new planting has begun to mature, creating an identity and setting on a scale equal to the grandeur of this country residence. To create the level lawn we had to excavate the rough grassland up to a metre in height at the house end, and create a new set of steps up to reach the house.

The front of the house is imposing; we built generous stone steps to connect the house to the sweeping driveway, which we edged with locally sourced Yorkstone setts. The surface of the new drive was finished in a golden-coloured pea gravel.

We took full advantage of the natural slope of the property by creating a series of interconnecting lakes and falls. The lakes are surrounded by dense, informal planting. The varying heights, colours and textures of which may be enjoyed form varying perspectives as one travels through the garden. One image above shows the view from the house overlooking the waterside plants which have matured nicely with the gazebo as a focal point.

The image at the top shows the luxuriantly planted banks and damp hollows creating a mass of foliage and flowers ascending the rising slopes. Tall blue Iris’s rise behind the orange tinged Euphorbia and the purple-pinks, of the Geraniums and Cotinus.