GARDEN DESIGN – Creating the desired atmosphere in the garden

We believe that gardens play a crucial role in our lives – and can have a significantly positive impact on how we think and feel. Yet creating an outdoor space which enables creativity, play and relaxation needs an expert eye, a delicate balance and plenty of experience. In this blog we share some of our key tips for creating your desired atmosphere in the garden, and how they help to bring another dimension to your outdoor space and your life.

Exploring client objectives

Before we consider a garden design our first port of call is to assess the space we’re working with, liaising with the client to ascertain how they imagine their perfect garden would be, and how they’d like to enjoy it. With this in mind a core piece of advice we can give is to think carefully about what you want to get out of your garden. What do you envisage yourself doing there? Do you want a lawn to play football on with the kids? Do you want a relaxing space incorporating water features and soft foliage? Is an area for family BBQs a must?

Knowing what works (and what doesn’t)

Experience and an extensive knowledge of all things horticultural enable professional garden designers to assess and select certain elements which they know will work well in line with client goals. It may be that certain things need to be adapted to fit the purpose intended – for example a client may want a small lawn but indicates that they won’t have time to mow it or maintain it. In this instance we can explore alternatives, perhaps considering artificial grass or a herb lawn. This also extends to problem solving – especially for clients with awkwardly-shaped or especially large or small garden spaces.

Planning for the future

Naturally garden designs evolve and adapt over time. By nature plants grow and develop and so do clients’ expectations and requirements. Preferences also change, so it’s worth carefully considering any dramatic schemes which may be difficult to reverse or alter. A good garden design accommodates for some chopping and changing in the future, whilst enabling clients to enjoy an outdoor living space which looks incredible, too.

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