3D Sketch


When considering your new garden makeover you will have, most likely, found a well-established garden designer who you feel will bring your dream garden to fruition.

Most designers invariably start with a sketch design, which is usually hand drawn, or some sort of concept sketch. This is a way for the garden designer to test out ideas and make sure you are both on the same page.

After the initial design meeting, in which the sketch design will gain approval or get amended, the design can then be drawn up as a 2D design to scale. Using the 2D scale drawing you can then get different contractors to quote on building your garden as they will all be quoting on the same design.

However not everyone can look at a garden master plan and imagine how the finished garden will look. This is why many designers give you the option of having a 3D perspective sketch as well, which may be hand drawn or may be created using some sort of CAD process (e.g. Google Sketch up, Photoshop, etc.). 

This is an excellent idea as it means that the client has a preview of how the garden will look upon completion.

Some designers even create these perspectives using an actual image of the house so that you can see how your new garden will look in relation to your house… an all important issue. 

Wirral garden image of house made into 3D sketchIn the above example of a Wirral garden design our CAD maestro, Matt, has used an almost photographic realism which gives the client a vision of the finished product. Matt often uses a photograph of the house but also matches each plant specifically to give an accurate rendition of the proposed scheme.

I always feel more comfortable including a perspective sketch when working with a client because it saves expensive mistakes from happening (clearing up mistakes at the design phase is cheap, but reducing a garden wall by a metre once it has been built for example can be very expensive).

Masterplan of a Bolton garden designAs you can see in 2D masterplan above on the left this Bolton garden was designed with a circular patio at the end of the garden, but through the design process the clients realised they would make more use of the patio if it was closer to the house, which saved them from making expensive changes once the garden was built. And you can see from the above image on the right the circular patio was nicely integrated into the upper deck using a beautiful wooden staircase with white rendered walls.