elemental garden in liverpool

Eight Years Later

I always think that you should go back to visit a garden 10 years after building it to see the finished effect.

This garden in Liverpool was designed and built using some very simple elements: large stone slabs, natural timber, water and lots of evergreens, grasses and water plants. The image below on the left was taken when the garden was first created over eight years ago and the image on the right is how it looks now.

Changes to Liverpool garden design over time

The brief from the clients was fairly open and that allowed us to include a large naturalistic water feature and an impressive timber walkway which made a perfect s-shaped link between the house and the summer house.

We decided to give the large pond a natural look with beach pebbles creating a soft look at the edges of the pool. The planting was quite dramatic and relying mostly on grasses and herbaceous plants. The planting was broken up by a few large stone slabs (some as large as 2 x 1 m), which also act as stepping stones.

Large natural pond in Liverpool garden design

I was pleased that we used hardly any concrete in this scheme and it was a welcomed change from some of the other schemes that we had done around this time that contained a lot of concrete flags, etc.

The planting included several grasses such as stipa gigantea, carex hachijoensis ‘Evergold’, panicum, and miscanthus.

There is also a large drift of polygonum. All these plants relate well to water and the stones and everything blends together well to create a simple, elemental garden.

Coming back to see this garden after eight years reminded me of one advantage that landscape gardeners have over architects – our creations get better with time!