pots with light effect


Focal Points in this Small Liverpool Garden

The purpose of creating focal points within a garden is to both draw and direct the eye. Without specific points of interest, the eye tends to wander without any real idea as to where to land. Flow is important, but must nonetheless be balanced with focus in order to create exterior living spaces of real magnificence.

One of the key challenges when looking to create exquisite focal points is space. The less space you have to work with, the more difficult it can be to install effective focal features, without breeding a cluttered, even chaotic result. But as we recently demonstrated with a project we carried out in Liverpool, creative focal points can bring enormous enhancement to even the smallest of gardens.

Identifying Opportunities

Despite presenting unique challenges, we immediately saw the potential in this compact Liverpool garden. In order to maximize usable space and create a canvas upon which to work, our first job was to level the original garden’s dramatic slope. Our aim was to open up as much of the exterior living space as possible for practical use, while at the same time enhancing its aesthetic prowess.

Our design team quickly reached the conclusion that small or not, this garden was an ideal candidate for a pair of stunning focal points. An undeniably stunning centrepiece for the garden, we designed and installed a 1.8-metre stainless steel water feature, positioned beautifully at the far corner of a polished limestone path. A quite majestic structure in its own right, the gentle flow of water down the polished blade brings a notable touch of tranquility and refinement to the overall ambience of the outdoor setting.

The second of the two focal points manifested as a trio of towering 1.2- metre pots, each featuring its own dedicated ‘up and down’ backlighting source. Practical, elegant and near-maintenance-free, the pots represented a beautiful addition to the garden and a perfect complement to the water feature. The strategic positioning of the two features ensured that the otherwise uninterrupted flow of the garden benefited from two very distinct central focal points – the resulting effect being one of absolute luxury and exquisite taste.

Effective Accents

The key to successful use of focal features lies not in drawing attention away from the garden, but rather accenting and complimenting its overall beauty. Used strategically, focal points can be designed and installed to effectively create the illusion of space, enhance the garden’s atmosphere and in many instances bring real practicality into the equation. Be it classic or contemporary, the right focal point really can transform your exterior living spaces.

A lack of space need not be a setback – simply a challenge to overcome with creativity and vision.