large circular dining area


Most people want to spend time in their garden. They want to enjoy their surroundings – to eat, drink and relax outdoors. Now gardens are so multi-functional they need designated areas for socialising and recreation – and decking is one of the most popular ways to make this possible. The important role decking plays in a contemporary garden design cannot be underestimated – and in this blog we explore how it can be incorporated effectively, and why it’s such an instrumental aspect of many gardens and outdoor spaces.

Versatile and flexible

Decking is a fantastic addition to any garden because it is simply so versatile. It can be different colours (using various stains and paints), different shapes and different sizes. This means decking can be incorporated into even the smallest or oddly-shaped gardens, and can take on a number of different personalities. For instance, decking painted white is perfect for gardens with a cottage or colonial feel, whilst heritage green or space grey can be classic and contemporary.




Practical yet pretty

Decking offers an aesthetically pleasing way to create another dimension in the garden. Often slightly raised against a backdrop of other elements, decking provides space to use in a number of ways. It can be used as a seating area or outdoor dining room, as a platform for a pond, water feature or arbour – even a hot tub. Large swathes of decking are popular on a commercial scale for pubs, restaurants and communal areas needing raised, dedicated space for relaxing or dining. The natural timbers used to create decking compliment and contrast, combining well with foliage and flora and man-made aspects alike. This practical element coupled with the aesthetic factor decking brings makes it an indispensible part of many gardens.


Decking (despite various accounts to the contrary) can be easy to maintain. With a little know-how, pre-planning and preparation, caring for your decking and making sure it’s in tip- top condition all year round doesn’t have to be time-consuming. It’s a good idea to schedule an annual refresh for your decking, scrubbing it down and scraping off any moss or dirt before thoroughly washing and leaving to dry. You can then repaint it or coat with protective wood stain.

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