A Pennine Garden

Contemporary shapes cut from ancient stone

This garden is high in the Pennines, so it will be enjoyed mostly in the summer, when the rest of the year’s extreme weather conditions have tired themselves out. Within this contemporary design, we have used local, natural materials to complement the client’s traditional stone cottage, creating an aesthetically appealing synthesis of age-old materials and modern design.


The garden has a strong sense of geometry, brought out by the glorious natural backdrop. It is a perfect hosting space, with a dining area large enough for twelve guests, on the clients’ request. We are just now finding the finishing touch, a perfect circular table to complement the geometry of the scheme and bring the design (and the guests!) together.


The surrounding hills contribute a heck of a lot of rainwater, as well as a gorgeous view, so the raised deck sits over a void, created as a large soakaway.

On a warm summer’s evening, sitting facing the floodlit church in the twilight, the views from this garden are quite simply breathtaking.