Glass Water Feature: Cheshire

We designed and built this contemporary glass water feature for a premiership footballer and his family two years ago as part of a garden design for their Cheshire home.

We needed to create a dramatic focal point for the garden – one that could be seen from the house and enjoyed as the centerpiece of the stone patio. We envisioned a two metre high curved glass shape with a water blade at the top and then found a specialist glass bending firm in Huddersfield to help us bring our design to life.

Custom made modern glass water feature

The glass is toughened to two cm think. The water runs down the front of the glass and into the hidden underground sump from where it is recycled. The curved glass is secured by a custom designed stainless steel clamp. And since the client had very young children we placed a steel grid over the sump for security and covered the grid with decorative black pebbles.

There is beautiful lighting throughout this garden and the water feature looks especially nice with the glass illuminated at night. It also produces a very pleasant soft humming sound when the water is flowing.