contemporary garden design

Contemporary Design

Some people may know that everything about them screams contemporary. For others, it’s just a word that really doesn’t help them define their style at all. When it comes to gardens, however, I can tell you exactly what contemporary means.

Clean lines and angles. Current and neutral. Contemporary isn’t frills and flourishes, it’s smooth and polished surfaces. It’s neutral colours such as creams and browns, with the odd accent of something like a bold red or yellow.

Can you picture it yet? Forget intricate details and think open and spacious environments with little clutter.


Is a Contemporary Garden For You?

Well if you like things that are going to give you that feeling of space then it could definitely be a style for you to consider in your garden. You will end up with something quite bold, but that has a warmth from curves and grooves.

If you’ve got a family, then Contemporary could be just the thing because it would help you to define your spaces in quite a creative and often graphic way. It will also make life easy for you because from a maintenance perspective they’ll be various tricks to keep those borders tidy. So no need for things like trimmers (do I hear a collective sigh of relief?).

What Else Might Suit Me?

Well if you like Contemporary then you might also want to consider something modern. It would favour strong lines, but still offer you something spacious. Everything would be a little more rigid maybe.

Need More Ideas?

Keep your eyes peeled to see if you find anything that you like when you are out at a friends, on the bus or just flicking through the weekend supplements. If you get time head down to a garden show. That’s a fantastic way to realise your garden musings. And, of course, there’s plenty of case studies here on our website.