Water features are so versatile and numerous in style that they now frequent both public places and in residential homes and gardens. They’re an asset to a range of outdoor spaces because of this diversity – hitting all the senses with their visual appearance, the sounds they produce, the scents and the soft flow of water. In this blog I explore how water features in the garden stimulate the senses – and explain how they can be incorporated in spaces of all shapes and sizes in a number of innovative ways.…



It is unusual to find a garden higher than the house it belongs to, however, for this particular job the height of the entire garden was about one meter higher than the house. The quirks and unique qualities of gardens create the spring board for the most interesting designs.

It is often the case with design-work that the issues which you encounter early in the design process are solved and transformed into your proudest features of the finished work. I feel that having the garden at the same height as the beautiful extension windows works particularly well; both the garden and the extension complement the other to create a charismatic space for relaxing, entertaining and dining out.


A garden that transports you

This recently finished family garden in Manchester makes you feel like you are on the grounds of a Mediterranean villa.

The curved, white rendered walls make you think of sand and sun. And the wide timber steps feel like they should be leading you down to the water’s edge.

Contemporary garden with Mediterranean feel

The young family that lives here wanted a contemporary outdoor space for family gatherings. The garden is long and spacious with a steep slope near the house. So to make the slope more usable we created four terraced areas: a small paved area to the side of the house, stepping down onto a large hardwood deck, following onto a larger paved area laid with natural sawn sandstone, leading to the curved timber steps, which land on a 5 metre diameter circular hardwood deck.

Circular hardwood timber deck

The upper areas were retained using a rendered wall, which also acts as a dramatic back drop for the circular deck.

A slatted timber fence adds to the modern look of the garden. And simple planting of pennisetum alopecuroides, hemerocallis ‘Stella d’oro’, olive trees and bamboo soften the hard landscaping and add to the exotic feel of the space.

Will garden lighting make a big difference to my garden?

One of the key features to any design is lighting. Including modern garden lighting in your garden will complement and enhance the design as well as to offer an extended amount of time available to spend in you loved outdoor surrounds. So will lighting make a big difference to your garden? Absolutely, yes. Here are a few reasons why we think garden lighting will improve your garden space.