When considering your new garden makeover you may be looking to engage a reputable garden designer to help you design your dream garden. However, there is something to be said for choosing to work with a garden design firm that both designs and builds gardens.

Reason one:

If your garden is built by the same firm that designed it there is bound to be good communication between the design team and the build team, which is vital.

Above is a masterplan of garden designed and built on the Wirral.

Although you have paid money for a design, the truth is, there are many variations and changes that may occur during the build process (even if all eventualities have been addressed at the design phase). These changes may occur daily but more often not there are only one or two major changes that occur during the build process. 

We have had clients that have run out while we were building a two metre high wall and shouted “stop” when we are only half way up (which is understandable since not everyone can visualise the end product even with an accurate 3D perspective sketch). And unfortunately the “stop” can sometimes come from the next door neighbour that doesn’t want their view obstructed, etc.

These are all factors which are easily smoothed out when clients, designer and garden builder are all working closely together.

Above is an image of the completed garden build, which was shown in the masterplan above.

Reason two:

It is absolutely essential that when commissioning a garden design, that the end result is implementable. This means it has to be a practical solution to your garden needs, but more importantly it has to be within your budget!

It would be a disaster if your exquisite new design turned out to be double the price that you could afford.

Working with a designer/ builder integrated team usually means that this does not happen. Most firms in this category make money from the design but far more from actually building the garden, which means that it is in their interest to design a garden that is within your budget.

Reason three:

Inevitably having been through the design process with your garden designer you will have got to know him/ her and some (mutual) trust has been established. This is important when it comes to the crunch and you are signing a contract for a considerable sum of money to build your new garden.