A well maintained front garden helps to get the best out of your home’s visual appeal, giving an indication of the interior to come and providing an initial welcome.
A brief walk around many of Melbourne’s lush leafy suburbs will reveal an abundance of stunning front gardens. A much higher percentage have been designed and landscaped compared to their UK counterparts.

A well designed, constructed and planted front garden design should compliment the natural terrain of the land and enhance the general theme of the home. When designing your front garden it is best to consider the amount of work and effort you are willing to invest into it to maintain the surroundings.

Many people say to me that since they never sit in the front garden why spend money? I say because it is a space that you and family and friends have to move through and it should be a welcoming one.

Modern Melbourne front gardens definitely tend to be more minimalist and are full of clean lines with a minimal palette of hardscape materials and plants. Gone are the ‘cottage -garden exteriors with a profusion of colours. The modern look comprises of clean lines, earth colours, creative use of stone, timber slate and granite as well as different aggregates.

A few notable points of interest:

Timber both new and reclaimed, has been used as both retaining materials and also as vertical statements (Pergolas , gateposts etc)

Stunning Specimen -sized Planting very specific to Victoria’s wide ranging climatic conditions.

Earthy “Elemental” use of Hardscape Materials e.g. use of big boulders and other sizes of pebbles and gravel.