The Power of CAD

As a garden designer, when you have a vision for transforming a garden you want to make sure your client shares your vision. And that is where a talented CAD technician comes in……


How can fences look contemporary?

While the gardens we get to design are gloriously varied, one feature we almost always have to deal with is the fence. All too often, this will be old fencing inherited with the house, like the classic Waneylap panels which sit inside rather hideous concrete posts. This is such a shame, as fencing – though seemingly quite innocuous on its own – has a major impact on the overall appearance of a garden. In almost every case, we’ll want to replace these fences to get the best out of the scheme as a whole.…


My Top Tips for 2014: Rendered Walls

What you need to know about rendered walls

Rendered walls are a mainstay of contemporary garden design, and a very popular choice as a main feature in so many of our schemes. Getting rendered walls right, however, is about much more than just plonking them in place. The effect they achieve is hugely dependent on things like intelligent associative planting, dramatic or soft lighting, and a host of other important factors. I’ll run through these factors here – everything you need to consider, from planning to maintaining a rendered wall.…


Why Use a Garden Designer?

First off: It saves money

I know what you’re thinking, but it’s true.

If you spend a bit on a detailed, well-conceived garden design you are investing in a scheme that you will love and that will bring you pleasure for years to come. If you don’t start out with a well thought out masterplan then you could spend far more than the design fee on putting the mistakes right or even re-doing the scheme altogether.…


My top tip for 2014: the stainless steel water feature

Among the contemporary schemes we have designed lately, there has been such a surge of interest in this kind of water feature. I love installing these ultra-modern pieces, as they can bring perfectly-orchestrated lines and movement to a design.…